Join me for a virtual happy hour from your home so we can stay connected while staying safe and staying home. We’ll talk about the community, issues and priorities you care about, and a little about why I’m running for judge, but mostly I want the opportunity to get to know you better and learn why you care about Washington County.



For as long as I can remember, I’ve fought for the underserved, the underprivileged and the under-represented, whether that was while working to protect victims of domestic violence or helping low-income Oregonians navigate their way through a courtroom.

As your next judge in Washington County, I am committed to making sure our legal system is a place where we can find fairness, justice, and access for everyone. We need to restore trust in the processes and that starts from behind the bench.

I will uphold our laws and serve our courts and our communities within Washington County with respect and integrity. I hope I can earn your support today.

Forward together,

Edward Kroll


“Over the years that I have known Ed, he has earned a reputation as a smart and skilled lawyer, one who is highly professional and well-trusted by all sides. He would be a tough, but fair, judge – committed to the law, but with deep compassion for those that come before him. Ed Kroll is exactly the type of person I want as a judge in the county I call home, and I endorse him without reservation.”

Honorable Bronson James

“Ed Kroll serves our legal system as a strong, experienced attorney who advocates for citizen’s rights and improved access to our legal system, but his commitment to our broader community is what really stands out. As a local bar president, moot court instructor, pro-tem judge and community volunteer, he’s the well-rounded, caring public servant we need behind our bench.”

Amy Velázquez, Attorney, Washington County

“In all of my years of working with Ed, I’ve found him to be diligent, prepared, and an effective advocate for his clients. More importantly, he understands the interpersonal dynamics of negotiation and cooperation in order to resolve cases in a positive manner.”

Stephanie J. Engelsman, Trial Skills Coordinator and Staff Attorney, Youth, Rights & Justice

“I have observed and worked with Ed as an attorney, and as a Pro Tempore judge. He advocates passionately for his clients, but when he puts on the robe, he leaves adversity at the door and consistently demonstrates professionalism, fairness, and thoughtfulness with litigants and court staff. He will be an excellent addition to the Washington County bench.”

Tanya Damm

“Edward Kroll has the experience, common sense, and compassion of an exceptional judge. Having grown up in Washington county and worked with Mr. Kroll, I know he has the character that this great county deserves.”

Alyssa Dusterhoff

“Ed would make an excellent judge. He is dedicated, hardworking, intelligent, and committed. I wholeheartedly support Ed.”

Sara Collins, Attorney

“Mr. Kroll’s smart, compassionate, and practical approach to delivering fair and impartial justice for all people will go a long way towards supporting our communities of color in Washington County.”

Chase Morinaka, Attorney

“Ed has the experience and demeanor suited for a seat on the bench. He will be an excellent addition to the Washington County bench.”

Sarah Tuthill-Kveton, Partner at Chock Barhoum LLP




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